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Lingchen Mission and Value is to help all dentist in the world can afford their own clinic, deliver  one-stop solution for customers. As our knowledge and experience growing, so does our product range, on basis of dental chair, center clinic unit, kids chair, portable chair - and later on autoclave, dental handpieces. Always insisted on highest quality workmanship as well as delivery innovation to the dental industry . You can fee the quality and enjoy the comfort of knowledge. Lingchen is a name you can trust for products that withstand of time .

Lingchen Mission- All dentist can afford his clinic in the world.

Lingchen values

“Creative”- Keep on developing new items

“Serious”- Concentrating on quality is the basic belief  

“Helpful”- Professional team help planning and arranging

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Our patent (Q1 kids chair and Q2 kids chair ) :

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Add: Room 1412, Jinying building, No. 316 Huanshizhong road, Yuexiu area, Guangzhou, China

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