* Full solid metal frame

* Touch control system operation tray

* 2.2 M design cushion, with Fona cushion

* 8 eyes operating lamp

* New position for screen holder

* New design water bottle

* Unit box with good regulation on tubes

** Unique: build in electric suction

*** Full options: build in endo motor, loupes, handpiece, curing

light, LED scaler, oral camera with screen


Summary of Taos1800 dental unit


*With correct working distance--each distance from dental chair is calculate by science way

*2.2m cushion with microfiber leather--comfortable for patient, specially to who is tall and big size

*New position for screen--no conflict with lamp while moving


*Metal frame--95KG, support dental chair with heavy duty

*Control system/ tubes / valves all in class A quality conditions

*With good regulation from internal tubes & cables, easier for future maintenance


*Built in electric suction

*Vacuum cleaning tube system--keep dental chair drainage tube clean and remove bad smell

TAOS1800 dental chair

*Strong dental chair design

*heavy metal frame

*8 eyes LED lamp,Sensor Water giving,New design distiller water bottle  

*2.2m long design leather cushion

*Unit box internal regulation and qualified tube

*Touch control system --with auto detector  

*Unique function: built in electric suction

*Vacuum cleaning tube system-delete bad smell of internal chair


Full options(2 LED turbine + 1 full set low speed handpiece + LED scaler Woodpecker+Gun Curing light+sony camera with monitor);

2 options: Endopex, Chair Goggle


Touch control system

Control all chair's movement, with auto detector function ( if PCB or solenoid valve not connect well,it will give warning and cut the electric directly, more safe for chair)

Built in electric suction-Unique function

Powerful and silent, no need bottle, bottle always is the source of infection in clinic(see dental chair video to get more info)

Vacuum cleaning tube system

Push the debris or dirty things out from the tube, remove bad smell from clinic & more clean;

Each day after finishing work, only turn on 2minutes to clear up the dental chair-easy and convenient.

Luna I handpiece: Dynamic balance testing pass

6 hole water spray, push button, torque head, anti fly bur technolog

Sony camera with monitor, CCD technology

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