TAOS800 Dental Chair

TAOS800 Dental Chair - King Tender Model

1. With stable quality, warranty: two years.                                                                                                                

2. Best choice for dental university,simple dental chair but with all basis function, no headache for after sell.

Stable quality with metal frame produce by ourself,motor from listed company,internal tube raw material from Germany; the 3 in 1 valve and 3 ways syringe from shanghai.


TAOS800 dental chair

-Best choices for university, simple dental chair but with all basic functions, no headache after selling

-Stable quality with qualified spare parts, metal frame without hole, all tubes from US, control system from listed company

-Unique function: built in electric suction


Power voltage: 220V/110V-50/60Hz

Motor voltage: 24V

Air pressure: 0.5mpa-0.8mpa

Water pressure: 0.2mpa-0.4mpa

Standard accessories:

Standard accessories

4 eyes LED operating lamp

Ceramic movable cuspidor

Multi-functional foot pedal

3 way syringe: 2 sets

Suctions: 2 sets(including electric built in suction 1set)

New dentist stool 01 model


Full options(2 LED turbine + 1 set low speed handpiece + LED scaler + Curing light+ video camera with monitor

Longer cushion:

21cm extension -comfortable for taller patient

Assistant control


1. Built in electric suction-Unique function

-Powerful and silent, no need bottle, bottle always is the source of infection in clinic

No need outside suction pump, working by electricity, power much stronger and silent. dentist know this function benefit directly.

2. Wide unit box with new design water bottle                         3. Movable Cuspidor

Full options:


Welcome to visit youtube for Taos800 more details:



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