Trolley 01

Trolley 01

- Trolley wide use in clinic,outside treatment,charity,army.


Lingchen dental trolley 01

*Plan B for dentist to complete his work while dental chair stops working suddenly.

2/4 hole handpecie tube: 3 sets
3-way syringe: 1 set
Self Contained Water Supply 1 set
Variable speed disc-type foot control

Details image:

Big operation tray ---Tool on it
Operation tray details --- 2/4 hole handpecie tube: 3 pcs, 3-way syringe: 1 set, Suction:1 set

Technical Parameter
Water pressure: 0.3Mpa
Air pressure: 0.35Mpa
Input horsepower: 0.8Mpa
Output horsepower: 0.5Mpa

Measurement: 73*59*27 cm

G. W: 26Kg

Why buy the dental trolley?
a-Dentist can use for the people who can not reach his clinic, also for plan B for dentist when the dental chair can not work
b-Army can use this style can hold and installed by easy way

c-Drain directly,not need clean the suction bottle,healthy and convenient.

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