Suction LC003

Suction LC003

1.Adopting oil-free piston pump
1.High power: 150VA
2.Convenient. oilless


Lingchen dental Suction LC003

Dental Suction Unit

1.Adopting oil-free piston pump
1.High power: 150VA
2.Convenient. oilless


The type of electric suction apparatus is designed with safety and reliability in mind providing an efficient performanc of

vacuum aspiration for most procedures of suction environment  in hospital, nursing homes, clinics, home care, operation theatre room and ect.

-Piston driven vacuun pump assuers steam free and lubrication free prevents bacteria contamination
-Hand-switch and foot-switch foe operating easily.
-Vacuum adjustment system can be adjusted according to required.
-Working rationale (Figure 1)

Max vacuum:≥90kPa
Adjustable vacuum range:20kPa~Max vacuum
Max airflow:≥20L/min
Sound level:≤60db(A)
Suction bottle(glass):2500ml/bottle, 2 bottles in a group
Power supply: AC220V±10%   50Hz    2.0amps
Input power:150VA
Dimension: 350×305×795(mm3)  (LC003)
          360×320×480(mm3)  (LC002)
Weight:19.5kg(LC003)   15.5kg (LC002)

Not to be used in inflammable or explosive place.
Working system: Continuous operation with intermittent loading, maximum continuous working time is 30min, duty cycle is 50%.
Electric classification: Iclass B type.

4.Normal working condition
Temperature range: 5°c~40°c
Relative humidity:20%~60%
Atmosphere pressure: 96kPa~106kPa

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