AC1500W Air compressor

Lingchen dental air compressor-  AC1500W

Model: AC1500
*silent,    oiless
* Modified  motor


Lingchen dental  portable dental air compressor (portable dental air compressor)

Model : AC1500W



*silent, oiless

* Modified motor: 2 relay inside motor, Voltage can be from 170V~240V

*Motor Made in Taiwan

* With 4 wheels and handle

Details image
XIN details.jpgxin details1.jpg


Power: 2*550W

Air Flow: 220L/min

Voltage: 220V/50HZ

Pressure: 7 BAR

Speed: 1440 RPM Tank: 50L


High quality

Competitive price

Motor is made in Taiwan

Voltage from 170v to 240v

Dental air compressor spare part

air compressor spare part.jpg


Some people will complaint the price is higher than others, for compressor, our compressor is with centrifugal switch, this cost is high, if customer follow economic, we have one model AC550 also. Details as belows-

1) Motor from Taiwan, with centrifugal switch; This motor it can work from 170V~240V, specially for the electronic unstable countries, it protect the motor not broken easily.

2) some supplier delete some spare parts like safety valves, or change the tube which push the air single moving, this tube make compressor working efficiently.

3)Internal valve & ring made in Sweden;

4)we put wheels and handles to move, make Drainage design as aside. For this point, the assistance can move the compressor and make drainage by easy way.

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