Dentist stool (02)

Dentist stool (02)

1. Saddle design.

2. PU.

3. Soft cushion, move flexible,360 rotation.

4. Metal leg.


Lingchen dental 02 stool

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02 stool

1.Saddle design


3.Soft cushion, move flexible,360 rotation
4.Metal leg

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Dental stool advantage

1. Design of a doctor new chair.

2. To privocie better comfort.  

3. Adapt to long hours of work.

4. Rotary wheels, free movement without noise.

5. Good quality, competitive price, fast delivery.

Adjustable Dentist Stool

1. 3-way adjustable dentist stool, Allows vertical alignment for proper lumbar support and dynamic horizontal adjustment;

2. Big size seat and backrest, creates best comfortable while long time of work;

3. Have many color in stock for your choice;

4. Equiped with wheels, free movement without noise.

The products we specialized in have already cover 60% of the dental clinic.

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