Lingchen TS 18L autoclave

Lingchen TS 18L autoclave

1.22 mins to finish autoclave.

2.Euro Technology -Class B, apply for metal, fabric, cotton, plastic.

3.Digital LED display, 121°C/134°C.  

4.Self -developing ,Manufacturer to support good price.


Lingchen dental TS18 dental autoclave

22 mins finish complete sterilization circle

Unique on function and price


* 22 mins to finish autoclave.

* Class B, apply for metal, fabric, cotton, plastic.

* Digital LED display, 121°C/134°C.

* Self -developing ,manufacturer to support good price.

Technical parameters:

Sterilization chamber (internal) size (diameter × depth) 247 × 352mm (18L)

Voltage: AC220V ± 22V; 50Hz

Power: 1400W

Sterilization pressure/temperature: 1.0-1.1bar/121°, 1.9-2.1bar/134° (at standard atmospheric pressure)

Ambient temperature: 0-40°

Cartridge fuse: 10A

Object/ Time Temperature121°134°
Metal-ware 3-5mins
Needles for the injector 3-5mins
Rubber products10mins5mins
Cotton yarn15mins10mins


Real Class B, real 18L.It can be killed the bacterial,fabric and cotton and sport by 134 degree, because it is worked with vacuum, heating and steam.

Dental autoclave spare part:

Introduction: (dental autoclave price)
*One time sterilization time just need 22 mins,this is the new technology.
*New autoclave produce by ourself
*Class B,with dryer
*Competitive price


Dimension: 70*47*46cm

Weight: 35Kg

CBM: 0.16

Packing list:

Instrument tray: 3

Rack for instrument tray: 1

Power Line: 1

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