Water distiller

Water distiller

4 litters , easy to use , working fast
This water distiller can produce a bottle of 4-liter (equal to 2thermo bottled) distlled water about 4 hours (depending on the local temperature). So, one water distiller can produce 20 liters (equal to 10 thermo bottles) distilled water essily everyday.

Lingchen dental water distiller
Cover & fan--made of metal instead of plastic
Better quality tank


1) Power: 750 W

2)Related voltage and frequency: AC 110/120V,50Hz/60Hz,AC220/240V, 50Hz/60Hz

3) Size: 40cm x 24cm x 38cm

4) Daily distillate capacity: 24L

5) Boiling chamber capacity: 4L

6) Collecting jug capacity: 4L

7) Gross weight: 5kg

8) Net weight: 4kg

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1.Open the packing box,you will see the water distiller which is divided into two pars:the top cover and achine body(illustrate 1). Take out them from the packing box and then lift up the top cover and tak out the storage bottle from the machine body.

2.Lift up the top cover,put water into the stainless steel container to the hihest water level line.Please do not exceed the highest water level line. If put hot water in,the distlling time will be shortened.

3.Put the top cover on the machine body sa the illustrate3.(Do put it stably).And insert power wire of the top cover into the socket of the machin body.

4.Put the storage bottle sa the illtrate1.Then insert one en of the main power wire into he socket of the machine body and insert another end of the main power wire into the socker of te machine body and inser another end of the main power wire into the socket the correctail ernative current.

Press the starting button,the cooling fan will run and it starts distill.

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Power supply: 220V-240V, 50-60Hz   110-120V, 50-60Hz

Power Consumption:750W

Capacity: 4L

Distillation Voume: 1L/H

Packing: 1pc/carton

Weight: 4.4kgs

Product dimensions; 29.5*25*45cm=0.03cbm

Packing List:


2.Water bottle

3.Discharge cap

4.Bottle cap


6.Main power wire



Lingchen - new water distiller

The new one & old one difference --- as show in the photos


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