Demo model

Demo model
1.High quality Plastic
2.Use for study and dentist use


Lingchen dental demo model

1 model, 8 disease

Feature of crystal dental teeth model:

1. simulated teeth are inplanted in the transparent resin model.

2. it can comprehend the impact of bite force to the root clearly and explain the anatomy of the periodontal & root canal with X-ray film.

Two Functions:

1. implant model

2. Comprehensive Pathology

Detail images:


 Dental Teeth and study models for perfect simulation and training.The study and tooth models are based on an anatomical template with all of the corresponding morphological details. The functional interconnection between the shape of the tooth and the jaw joints can be usefully calculated didactically with the use of the appropriate patient simulators (G40, G50). The attachment system for the teeth in the model base reliably prevents the loss of occlusion in the models when teeth are exchanged. The freedom of lateral movement of the teeth and the inter-dental spaces created permit working with matrix strips and coffer dams. Thanks to the freedom of movement in the horizontal plane of the simulator teeth in the physiological area, it is possible to work under "near-human" conditions.

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