TAOS1800 Center Clinic Unit dental chair

TAOS1800 Center Clinic Unit  ---One chair finish all treatment

--Dental chair

--Microscope III(best one in the dental world)

--Build in X-ray

-- Endopex

--Chair loupes

--Built in electric suction+

--Full options(2 LED turbine + 1 full set low speed handpiece + LED scaler Woodpecker+ Gun Curing light+ Sony camera with screen)


TAOS1800 Center Clinic Unit

Unique options:

1. Microscope

USP of  microscope:

1. Checking distance from microscope and patient's mouth, the best one in the world. Same function as ZEISS;

2. 5 level changer of maginification, A, B, C, D, E;

3. With fiber optic light--left/right light, can choose High/ Normal/Low light;

4. Micro fine adjustor by electric foot pedal to control up and down;

5. Made in Taiwan

Microscope usage: Surgery, RCT, Implant, Education      

2. Build in X-ray

USP of X-ray--install with dental chair

1. Arm without cross with microscope, length is 1.8m, long enough to reach to Left and Right side of Patient mouth;

2. Patient no need move during the treatment,convenience for dentist and patient;

3. Save the space for clinic

1. With endopex ~unique~

Advantage: solve the space problem

While root cannal treatment, the working table space is always not enough for dentist, even they do not have space to put the endo motor, now we install the endo motor beside the operation tray to solve the space headache.

2. Google loupes

Standard accessories

1. Touch screen control system~unique~
Advantage: Modern design
This software has developing over 4 years, the quality is stable enough. All the movement on dental chair will be controlled by touch screen

2. Big handmade cushion and big metal fram

Big metal fram + big handmade cushion = strong & heavy dental chair. Metal frame --95 KG, make this chair heavy and stable enough\

3. Senser water giving cuspidor

Advantage: senser water giving -New design Ceramic movable cuspidor with senser water giving.

4. 8 eyes led light

8 eyes LED light, with AT and MT mode to operate, auto dector power off

5. Distiller

Standard Full options include:

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