TAOS1800 Center Clinic Unit dental chair

TAOS1800 Center Clinic Unit  ---One chair finish all treatment

--Dental chair

--Microscope III(best one in the dental world)

--Build in X-ray

-- Endopex

--Chair loupes

--Built in electric suction+

--Full options(2 LED turbine + 1 full set low speed handpiece + LED scaler Woodpecker+ Gun Curing light+ Sony camera with screen)


Summary of Taos1800c dental unit

-Center clinic unit Taos1800c

King Dental chair Taos1800 + Microscope III + built in X-ray + Endopex + Chair loupes +Built in electric suction+ Full options(2 LED turbine + 1 full set low speed handpiece + LED scaler Woodpecker+ UK Curing light+sony camera with monitor)

Development Background of Center clinic unit Taos1800c

With the improvement of life, advanced device for treatment is requested from patient

Dentist can finish all treatment by one unit, to improve the work while saving time

Reasonable price is essential while keeping the high quality and functions, then dentist can afforad one center clinic unit without difficulty


Education , surgery, implant, orthodontology ,RCT, pathological disease , operation , record for all work etc.

Microscope III

1. Distance from microscope and patient's mouth, which is the best same function as ZEISS;

2. 5 level changer of magnification, A, B, C, D, E, 20.4X is biggest;

3. With fiber optic light: left/right light, can choose High/ Normal/Low light;

4. Micro fine adjusted by electric foot pedal to control up and down, which release dentist hands, and easily control the microscope

Built in x-ray( install with dental chair-see above pic):

Patient no need move during the treatment, specially when the patient need take x ray again as dentist doing surgery;

Save the space for clinic;

Long enough to reach left and right side of Patient mouth, total length is 1.8m;

Arm without cross with microscope, easy to operate.

Endo Motor with apex locator:

Built in the chair--save the space from operation tray;

Apex locator with high accuracy;

Motor with reverse, anti reverse, reciprocation, auto stop functions.

Chair Goggle with light-

Working distance 30cm, no need wear glass goggle, assistant can share at the same time

Color For choice-

Customer Feedback-

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