Microscope II-Auto focusing

Microscope II-Auto focusing

With WIFI & software

Eyepiece: WD=211MM

Magnification: 50X

Zoom Range: 0.8X-5X

Usage: Endo, implant, education, ortho, some operation, surgery, etc


Standing Microscope II

-with Auto focusing & Electric moving& Filter lamp

Microscope---with auto focusing


Magnification: 50 X ( 5 different magnification for choose)

Zoom range: 0.5X-2X

Eyepieces: WD=211mm

Built in led light

With software: photos, video


Education, surgery, implant, orthodontology, RCT, Pathological disease operation, record for all work etc.


Options of software(from left to right 1.2.3...)-

1.Enlarge the picture


2.Shrink the picture

7.WDR mode

3.Picture direction change(left and right)

8.AF: auto focus the picture in monitor

4.Picture direction change(up and down)

9.10.Picture and video stock


11.Setting up

Software to take photos/video

Auto focusing function-help dentist to catch the picture by fast way, release the hands

Electric control up and down:

Tips: Dentist have setting memory position with his dental chair already, when he use microscope again, position is ready fixed already by him, he will  reach 90% of clear image directly, then he can use the electric foot pedal control and auto focus function to reach the final image.

Filter operating lamp--(Number one on price and quality in market, unique develop)

Microscope benefit for dentist:

-Microscope help dentist to avoid the mistake, and reach cannal easily


Dental microscope using details:

1- Can diagnoses all oral mucous disease (auto immune disease ), tongue disease , Perio disease , soft tissue cancer , ulcers

2- Easy to diagnoses caries , help to cleans caries cavity , protect the pulp , help to makes notch  for filling , after we put the filling help to see the edge  of filling , filling shortage , help to see sub gingival filling

3- Help to see and remove subgingival calculus

4- RCT, help us to see the canals , finds the canals

5- Crown and bridges , help us to see finishing line , help to see the bridge edge matching with tooth finishing line or not, detect shortage in crowns

6- Help us to choose exact place for implant, distance between implants

7- For student , help him to see and control cutting by good way and be far from neighbor teeth , let him feel relax to move his hands left or right , up and down  

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